Subsonic continuous pressurized wind tunnel, variable pressure from 1 to 3,85 bars, Mach number: from 0,05 to 0,36

A large, high Reynolds number, low speed wind tunnel with high productivity.















Wind tunnel designed for high productivity and test confidentiality.

Rectangular test section:

  • length: 11 m
  • width: 4.5 m
  • height: 3.5 m

The test section is movable and can be fitted with any of the pallets forming the test section floor.

Each pallet includes the model support and a data acquisition unit. This arrangement enables a full preparation of the test in separate cells.


Commercial aircraft in landing configuration 

Half model test in F1 test section


Reynolds number range vs Mach diagram


Four pallets are available: pallet #1 is equipped with a sting holder quadrant, the three other pallets are multipurpose and adaptable to any kind of support.

The F1 powerplant is a 16-blade constants-speed fan driven by a 9.5 MW electric motor. Mach number is adjusted by changing the pitch angle of the blades.


Air inlet test in F1 test section
  • The wind tunnel is well adapted to high-lift configuration studies.
  • Aerodynamic force and moment (6 components) measurements on complet or half-models.
  • Control surface force measurements.
  • Large models of transport aircraft (more than 3 m span) or military aircraft.
  • Tests with engine simulation (turbofan or turboprop).
  • Ground effect tests.
  • Air intake tests for fighter or transport aircraft (steady and unsteady measurements).
  • Two-dimensional airfoil tests.
  • Special tests:
    • dynamic stability measurements,
    • building, ship, car, helicopter tests.
  • A larger scope of activities for customers worldwide.


A400 M model test on mono strut

Model deformation measurments (MDM), Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) available techniques over the entire operating envelope of F1, up to 3.85 bar stagnation pressure


Model preparation in a cart
  • Test preparation in isolated and protected premises (checked access control and video-surveillance).
  • Confidentiality of test and data guaranteed, even in case of simultaneous tests for different customers.