Extreme Materials for Hyperswift Missiles

ONERA has succeeded in developing a low cost high-temperature material that will allow the hypersonic flight thermal limit to be overcome.

Section de fuselage fait du matériau ultraréfractaire mis au point par l’Onera
Fuselage section with the ultra-refractive material developed by ONERA

ONERA is active in the field of future tactical missiles. These missiles will be subjected during short periods of time to wall temperatures of up to 2000°C due to friction with the air at speeds exceeding Mach 7. It is therefore necessary to design these vehicles with special materials that can withstand these extreme conditions, within the cost limitations set by their intended use.
To meet this challenge, the industrialist MBDA sought ONERA, whose experience in the field of ultra-refractive materials is well established and recognized.
ONERA scientists thus developed an original technological solution based on low cost raw materials. This innovation is based on a process that consists in impregnating a carbon fiber with a ceramic matrix obtained from organometallic precursors (chemical compounds involving carbon and metal).
Experimental results showed the resistance of the structures created to the high temperatures of the hypersonic flights envisaged. This spectacular success was crowned by the awarding of the MBDA Innovation Prize to the Onera research team.

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