Press release

Long-term planning - Air transport 2050

Will mass air travel still exist in 40 years? What breakthrough technologies are
in the pipeline? Will aviation offer an alternative to private cars? Where should
we focus our research investments? Onera, the leading aerospace research
organization in France, formed a multidisciplinary task force to study the
technological and organizational decisions needed to ensure a viable air
transport system in 2050. The resulting study, entitled “Research paths for a
viable air transport industry in 2050”, lays the groundwork for a long-term
analysis and also identifies the priority research objectives.

Long-term planning: a natural extension of Onera’s missions.
As a pivotal player in long-term planning for the aerospace industry, Onera called on a dozen of its specialists from complementary areas of expertise to write this study (taking about 30 days over a period of six months). The multidisciplinary task force was able to draw on the broad scope of research at Onera, which covers all disciplines in aeronautics and space.


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