ONERA, a world-class leader in CFD

ONERA?s CFD specialists participated in a workshop organised in the United States by NASA. The results obtained confirm that ONERA is in the lead worldwide in methods for unsteady aerodynamics.

ONERA’s CFD specialists* participated in a workshop organised by NASA in conjunction with the Annual Congress of the AIAA (Winter Conference Scitech). ONERA thus measured itself against the international state of the art in terms of precision and performance of modern CFD methods for unsteady aerodynamics**: fine multiscale turbulence, higher-order geometric representations, HPC (High Performance Computing) efficiency, shock/boundary layer interaction problems.

The results obtained for the test cases proposed with the software demonstrators NXO and AGHORA confirmed that ONERA is a global leader in the research and development of high-order precise methods for Computational Fluid Mechanics.

Moreover, during the AIAA conference, ONERA presented its state of the art and its main fundamental research activities during a guest session which brought together the leading research and industrial centres of the European and American aeronautical sector.

The ONERA presentation is available on the NASA website.

*CFD : Computational Fluid Dynamics

**unsteady: that varies over time

Aghora - ONERA-M6 wing - RANS kw (k-omega) transonic calculation

Aghora – Channel with periodic humps - DNS Calculation


NXO - high order finite volumes, ALE deformable mesh,  Reynolds 5000 - NACA12 Profile in yaw motion



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