ONERA, European Commission’s aerospace and defence industry expert

ONERA's appointment to the directorate-general for defence industry and space (DEFIS) expert group is a recognition of its skills in the integration of multidisciplinary research for the benefit of innovation in the space, defence and aeronautics sectors.

The expert group was created by the European Commission's directorate-general for defence industry and space (DEFIS) to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness and resilience.

Role of DFIS experts

The expert group will provide advice and expertise to the DEFIS on the preparation and implementation of relevant policies for the European space, defence and aeronautics industry, in particular concerning the mapping of strategic industrial value chains and identification of critical technologies and supply chain vulnerabilities. The expert group is also tasked with facilitating European cooperation on issues pertaining to the implementation of EU legislation, programmes and policies on the space, defence and aeronautics industry, bearing in mind the synergies between the sectors.

ONERA, a key contributor to the emergence of a European aerospace and defence policy

This appointment is a new recognition of the results of ONERA teams’ commitment in defence research and capability initiatives at the European level. (Preparatory Action, PADR, EDIDP) and actions within EDRIN.

ONERA's selection among the 60 entities is also a double recognition, on the one hand, of our ability to create synergies upstream of developments between the 3 technological fields and, on the other hand, of our commitment, in addition to our role on behalf of the French State, in the defence research and capability programmes set up and funded by the European Commission. This selection of our 2 experts (Romain Asma, from the Defence Programme Division, and Marc Lesturgie, Director of International Affairs) further strengthens ONERA's stature as a reliable and committed partner.

In addition to ONERA, Fraunhofer, VTT and FOI have also been selected as EDRIN members.

The first meeting of the expert group was held on Friday, 10 September, and the group is expected to last for 5 years.


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