Transparency under high thermo-mechanical stresses

Onera is developing perfectly transparent ceramics for applications in the aerospace and defense sectors where requirements are rigorous in terms of mechanical and thermal resistance. 

Within the framework of the ANR Ceratrans project, Onera has obtained perfectly transparent ceramics from spinel powders (magnesium aluminate).

This first for Onera opens up new horizons for the making of all types of windows with high mechanical resistance for the aerospace and defense sectors: IR domes, certain aircraft windows, protection visors, etc.
The manufacturing process involves, in particular, processing at 1700 bar and 1500°C which is possible in the HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) furnace at the Palaiseau center.

Sapphire powder is also being studied for the production of such materials.

Fragments of transparent ceramics made at Onera
Fragments of transparent ceramics made at Onera

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