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Air flow

Air flow

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  • 1 Air streams on the water

    The objective is to study the ship's aerology, i.e. the way in which the air flows around it... Even though all the real air flows can not be represented in a wind tunnel (we do not know how to represent a twisted sheet or the ship's swell motions), all these measurements are essential for getting a better understanding of the air movements and their consequences
  • 2 A laser to measure noise

    When one wants to reduce aeroplane noise related to air flow along the wings,* or aerodynamic noises, it is important to know precisely where they come from and how they are formed... In addition, the sensors disturb the air flow, thus modifying the noise... However, knowing the acoustic pressure isn't enough, we must combine these measurements with a model of the wave propagation in the air flow, that is to say, an aero-acoustic propagation model
  • 3 "Two in One" Calculations

    The air deforms the structure of an aircraft, while the aircraft's vibrations modify the air flow... The air flow deforms the wings, causing vibrations, which in turn modify the fluid flow
  • 4 2 M€ from the French Civil Aviation Authority DGAC for ONERA's research on icing

    The calculation requires the combined modeling of the air flow, the trajectories of water drops (represented by the white spheres) and the ice accretion on the surface. In addition, it has resulted in numerous publications strengthening ONERA's position as a scientific reference on icing internationally
  • 5 S4B : TPS calibration

    Load measurement by ONERA six components balances (decoupling device for air flow crossing through). Sonic throat mass flow meters for the primary and fan jets