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Air traffic control

Air traffic control

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  • 1 Drones in the playground with their big brothers

    Objective: to provide, in four years time, the various bodies responsible for the safety of flights, like Eurocontrol (in charge of air traffic control) and Easa (the European agency for aerial safety, responsible for aircraft certification), with the elements of proof that are needed. But this work is expected also to be useful as a basis for future regulations governing drones, setting out the procedures for safe human-drone cooperation
  • 2 After the Velib', the Planelib'?

    This system interacts with air traffic control[ ATC. The PPlane consortium, consisting of five research centers, four universities and small and large industries, was ideally set up to guide its activities within the innovation perspective outlined by the European Commission
  • 3 Alexandre Sauvage / Leosphere

    We were approached by Eurocontrol, the European air traffic control regulating body, who were interested in a specification study of its requirements in terms of aircraft wake vortices. We immediately saw the advantage of collaborating with Onera on this issue, and conversely, Onera was interested in having measuring methods in the aeronautics sector