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Airborne systems

Airborne systems

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  • 1 Groupe Thales

    It increases our systems ' detection capabilities and resistance to jamming and makes Onera the preferred partner of Thales for both ground radars and airborne systems... It enables us to plan new directions for work, particularly in airborne turbulence detection systems, a crucial problem for air transport because it conditions the minimum distance between two aircraft
  • 2 The town in 3D, with radar

    The airborne campaign for this study was carried out with an airborne system that predates Sethi (Ramses), but the processes using the PolInSAR technique are very recent. The following people took part in this study
  • 3 ONERA has inaugurated the Equipex MATMECA atomisation tower

    The airborne antennas system CARGESE, emblematic of the active cooperation between ONERA and DSO within SONDRA. SONDRA's 10th anniversary was featured in 3 different local platforms and they are
  • 4 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: together with its partners

    This project, funded by the CNES, is aimed at developing an airborne launch system demonstrator where the first stage of a conventional rocket is replaced by a reusable automatic aircraft. A second project, supported by the CNES, is aimed at developing" a green" monofuel for satellite propulsion