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Boundary layer

Boundary layer

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  • 1 NOVA - NextGen ONERA Versatile Aircraft

    Artist's representation of NOVA BLI (NOVA with Boundary layer ingestion) © ONERA... Boundary layer ingestion increases rhe propulsive efficiency... Aft fuselage mounted engines have also been investigated, conventionally podded, or semi-buried in the fuselage and fed by a boundary layer ingesting air intake for increased propulsive efficiency
  • 2 F2

    IRT visualization of boundary layer transition... The wind tunnel is well adapted to study complex flow phenomena (three dimensional boundary layer, flow separation, jet interaction, wakes. Boundary layer transition
  • 3 Flow field survey and visualization

    Boundary layer rake... Pressure rake for boundary layer study. Static boundary layer pressure rake: to analyze boundary layer profile. This rake could be design and manufacture on request (static or motorized boundary layer pressure rake)
  • 4 ONERA, a world-class leader in CFD

    ONERA thus measured itself against the international state of the art in terms of precision and performance of modern CFD methods for unsteady aerodynamics:** fine multiscale turbulence, higher-order geometric representations, HPC (High Performance Computing) efficiency, shock / boundary layer interaction problems
  • 5 Transonic Flow around Fuselage and Wings

    Manoeuvring in such conditions might increase the shock, causing the rise of pressure gradient and the separation of the boundary layer. A zone of recirculation appears downstream from the shock