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Control laws

Control laws

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  • 1 First satellite adaptive flight with the Picard Mission

    In January 2014, a new control law, known as adaptive control, was uploaded on board the CNES scientific satellite" Picard" dedicated to studying the sun... The operator K() represents the control law that provides regulation (maintaining the direction)... Thus, a continuous attitude control law is obtained, for which stability proof (and therefore proof of proper operation) can be obtained a priori
  • 2 Wing flutter control in S2MA wind-tunnel

    A measurement of the structure's dynamic response is used as input to the control law that controls the control surface servo-control. The numerical control laws tested using a real time system showed their effectiveness for different structural configurations
  • 3 A380 in onera's F1 Windtunnel

    10/03/2005. April 27 2005. The A380 Super jumbo makes first flight .. December 19 2000 :the production stage began for the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger plane, which will also have the lowest per-passenger and per-kilometer operating costs for high load capacity aircrafts