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Drones in airspace

Drones in airspace

  • 1 Drones in the playground with their big brothers

    Piloted aircraft and drones in the same airspace: a situation that is impossible today... but the regulations may change, and the technology as well... Drones move in specific airspace known as" segregated"... Onera's goal with the IDEAS project (Insertion of Drones in Airspace and Safety) is to demonstrate the technical and operational feasibility of the insertion of drones into the general airspace
  • 2 The Aircraft Collision Avoidance System FLARM, Patented by ONERA, Has Become Mandatory for Gliders

    The wide dissemination of Flarm could also help to facilitate the integration of drones in airspace, as shown by the tests performed by ONERA in April 2013. The image below shows the information received by the pilot of the Salon de Provence BA701 glider on the position of the Onera Harrier glider simulating a drone, also equipped with a Flarm (red circle)
  • 3 Drones: en route for autonomy

    We have launched a research program called IDEAS to define the methodology and tools needed for the integration of drones in civilian airspace... One of these days, international regulations will change to allow drones to operate in civilian airspace. Onera is preparing for this change, for instance by launching a new research program in early 2009 dubbed" IDEAS" (Insertion des Drones dans l' Espace Aerien et Sécurité, or airspace integration and safety of drones)