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Electric field

Electric field

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  • 1 Plasma au Palais

    Free electrons and positive ions can however appear if the gas is subject to an electric field of strong intensity, to sufficiently high temperatures, to a bombardment particles or to a very intense electromagnetic field. When ionization is so important that the number of electrons per unit of volume is comparable with that of the neutral molecules, the gas becomes a plasma, which is a very conducting fluid
  • 2 Maxwell would have loved it

    He demonstrated that electric and magnetic fields are propagated in space in the form of waves... Or an electric field?... However, Onera researchers have successfully developed a system to visualize electromagnetic fields (combining an electric field and a magnetic field)... A first: the simultaneous visualization of the profiles of the electric field (proportional to the voltage, below) and surface magnetic field (proportional to the current, above), in phase opposition, as the theory predicts
  • 3 Onera invents instant photography of electromagnetic waves

    Viewing and quantification of radiation near a mobile phone (distances are in millimeters and the electric field intensities are not representative of the normal operation of a telephone. The process is simple in its principle and implementation