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ElsA software

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  • 1 Stall, by elsA

    Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation (ZDES) of the flow around a 3D wing of finite span in stalled configuration by the elsA software... But in 2010 the Onera aerodynamicists performed a simulation of stall with the elsA software using the computation resources of the GENCI (National High Performance Computing Facility)
  • 2 Blades follow each other and... get disturbed

    In the framework of SHANEL, a joint Franco-German research project financed for Onera by the DPAC[ Aeronautic Civil Programs Agency,] specialists in aerodynamics at Onera used the in-house" software package elsA to calculate the blade-vortex interactions on a rotor[ rotor Bo 105] during descent flight
  • 3 More Precision for Aircraft Engine Jets

    This development carried out with the elsA software now allows jet development to be simulated with great accuracy. Work on jet turbulence modeling is of paramount importance because aircraft noise is mainly caused by turbulent jets, at the rear of the engines
  • 4 Simulation of the noise of landing gear through CFD*

    With regard to the landing gear, the complexity of the three-dimensional geometries has for long time limited the application of these methods to realistic configurations because of the difficulty of generating the necessary meshes, particularly the multi-domain structured meshes5, the only ones compatible with the elsA software
  • 5 Nicetrip test campaign in S1MA wind tunnel

    These calculations, accomplished with the ONERA elsA platform software, allow new design concepts and shape optimization of the various elements of the aircraft (the rotor blades in particular). Thanks to these tests and the CFD results, the global architecture of a civil tilt-rotor aircraft has been validated