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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics

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  • 1 ONERA, a world-class leader in CFD

    The results obtained for the test cases proposed with the software demonstrators NXO and AGHORA confirmed that ONERA is a global leader in the research and development of high-order precise methods for Computational Fluid Mechanics. Moreover, during the AIAA conference, ONERA presented its state of the art and its main fundamental research activities during a guest session which brought together the leading research and industrial centres of the European and American aeronautical sector
  • 2 "Two in One" Calculations

    To take all of these phenomena into consideration, ONERA is developing models coupling fluid mechanics and solid mechanics... In numerical simulations of aircraft, fluid mechanics specialists model the motion of air around the wings or in the engines, and structural mechanics researchers analyze the behaviour of the mechanical parts
  • 3 Engineering and Capital Project Support

    Taking into account the main missions of ONERA, the activity of this department leans heavily towards the complex facilities and experimental fluid mechanic apparatus especially those challenging ONERA's scientific competences. Turbine test bench- design by Wind Tunnel Division teams
  • 4 A Higher Degree of Industrial Realism for Aerodynamic Simulation

    The more complex the shapes are, the more complicated and time consuming to solve the fluid mechanics problems become. The presence of technological effects and innovating technologies in sizes that are much smaller than the characteristic dimensions of the general flow make the modeling even more difficult
  • 5 Our offer

    Understanding of the physical phenomena of fluid mechanics / fluid-structure interactions. Diagnostic of flows and advanced modelling (turbulence, transition, etc
  • 6 Leading Edge Research Tracks Down NOx in Aeronautics

    European directives issued by the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe[ Acare] set the bar very high in terms of reducing polluting emissions in engine output: reductions of 50 % for CO2 and 80 % for nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 2020. Predicting these emissions is extremely complex, partly because the production mechanisms involve various scientific disciplines: chemistry, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, etc
  • 7 ONERA reveals its 70 years of history

    He created a research department at the Ministry, stimulated aeronautics research in universities and founded the fluid mechanics institutes, including the in Lille in 1930, which would later join ONERA. He launched the study of many military aircraft prototypes and developed supercharged engines and air weapons
  • 8 ONERA-M6 Wing, Star of CFD

    This symmetrical profile is an experimental fluid mechanics classic. Some facts about instrumentation
  • 9 ONERA and ANDHEO are rewarded for a radically innovating aerothermal simulation

    ANDHEO engineers, in association with ONERA's researchers, initially set up a coupled platform between the Fluent software (fluid mechanics) and the Zset-Zebulon software (co- developed by ONERA) for the structure part and heat transfers in solids. The tool enabling this strong coupling is the OpenPalm library, an open source tool co- developed by Cerfacs* and ONERA for highly customized couplings
  • 10 The droplet and the engine

    It is a complex phenomenon, occurring where several disciplines meet- aerothermics, fluid mechanics, chemistry, mass and heat transfer, etc. The micro-droplets of fuel that constitute the mist contain hundreds of different types of chemicals, evaporating at different speeds and different temperatures