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Fundamental and Experimental Aerodynamics

Fundamental and Experimental Aerodynamics

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  • 1 Lightning Hazards to Aircraft and Launchers

    The next one will present advances on" Flow Control: the Renewal of Aerodynamics" (June 2013). Experimental and theoretical studies of the direct effects of lightning on aircraft are described... The papers strive to enlighten how fundamental knowledge of the physics of lightning can be applied to assess the reality of lightning threats and to improve the effectiveness of aircraft certification against lightning
  • 2 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: together with its partners

    The Microscope satellite must carry out a fundamental theoretical physics experiment while in orbit: the testing of the general relativity postulate known as the principle of equivalence... Thanks to the T-SAGE instrument provided by ONERA, which is an extremely accurate accelerometer, Microscope will carry out the experimental verification of this principle with a precision of 15 digits after the decimal point, compared to the current 13 digits