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Materials Department

Materials Department

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  • 1 DMAS - Materials And Structures

    The activities of the Materials and Structures Department, DMAS, deal with the microstructure of materials (from the atomic scale up to the macroscopic scale), the static and dynamic behaviour to rapid or vibratory dynamics of structures in their environment up to crash or impact, and also include the design, development and characterisation of materials and elements of metallic, ceramic or composite structures
  • 2 ZéBuLoN, Numerical Microscope for Composites

    The work of Pascale Kanouté and Serge Kruch, researchers in Onera's Metallic Materials and Structures Department. Share
  • 3 Digital Metallurgy

    "It is important to understand how the distribution, the shape and the size of the precipitates and of the grains affect the mechanical resistance and condition the fatigue life duration of the part in service", specifies Franck Gallerneau, head of the Behavior and Damage Mechanics Unit of Onera's Metallic Materials and Structures Department (DMSM)
  • 4 Dendrites

    Stefan Drawin is senior research engineer in the Metallic Materials and Processing Department[ DMSM]. He is coordinator of the European Ultmat project. Glossary
  • 5 The events that led to its creation

    Pursuant to the law, ONERA is a public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature, with legal personality, and is under the authority of the Department of the Air. Its status confers real management flexibility to it... In September 1946, a large number of departments or institutions in charge of aeronautical research, scattered throughout France, were dissolved to be integrated to ONERA