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  • 1 ONERA's team ranked 2nd among 323 at the NASA "Sky for All" challenge

    The submission of three ONERA scientists (Thomas Dubot, Antoine Joulia & Judicaël Bedouet), "Managing the 2035 air traffic through clustered self-separation out of 4D protection bubbles", was awarded with the of the Sky for All challenge, which increases ONERA's visibility in terms of ATM prospective
  • 2 Flash Vibration Test Campaigns for the A350 XWB

    The A350 made its maiden flight on the eve of the Paris Air Show 2013. In May, Onera's team of specialists was on deck day and night to pass the vibration tests on the ground in record time... The DLR and ONERA teams took up the challenge in" a just-in-time" atmosphere
  • 3 A world first for infrared ultrashort lasers

    Within the framework of a doctoral thesis, an Onera team succeeded in producing in 2010, with a ZnSe: Cr laser (medium infrared- 2 m range), 60 ps pulses (60 10 12 s) with a frequency of 220 MHz. A laser quite close in its functioning to the Titanium Sapphire Laser, which is the most commonly used for ultrashort pulses (infrared visible limit- 0 8 m)
  • 4 Aeromaritime evaluation of the Ressac UAV

    As part of the preparation of demonstrations of aeromaritime scenarios for the Action project, an Onera team went to Argelès-sur-Mer (South of France) for a campaign to assess the behavior of the Ressac UAV over the sea. A ship maneuvering on the surface was monitored using laser and camera data
  • 5 Power Record for a Fiber Laser Designed for Greenhouse Gas Emission Monitoring from Space

    A team from ONERA made a laser source based on optical fibers in the laboratory, which generates a 1 7 kW peak at 1580nm suitable for measuring CO2. This is a record for this wavelength that is not very favorable for fibered technology... However, this is what an Onera team achieved in the laboratory, generating fibers with a 1 7 kW peak power at a wavelength of 1580 nm, which is a world record
  • 6 The Activities of ONERA in regard to Lightning Protection

    An ONERA team of specialists in electromagnetic compatibility gathered in Kourou in April 2011 to qualify the Soyuz launch site in regard to lightning protection... At the time of the Soyuz launch, the ONERA team will be present on the launch pad of the Vega small launcher, whose first commercial launch is planned for 2012
  • 7 Our nanotubes are right on track

    The first general nanoscience research programme, bringing together several ONERA teams, was implemented and then deployed in three successive programmes, the latest of which is called Sanaa... "We took particular care with the measurement protocol, in order to obtain reliable and reproducible results, since nanotubes are highly extremely sensitive to some gas, the method has to provides evident proof of what is being detected." That study is handled by Olivier Le Traon, ONERA's team expert in micro-sensors
  • 8 Wind tunnel test of the EOLE airborne launcher

    The Onera team in charge of the study is composed of Jean Hermetz [Jean. Hermetz AT] and Julie Ledogar [Julie
  • 9 A380 in onera's F1 Windtunnel

    Onera's teams had begun studies which would contribute to define and design the plane even before" the A3XX" project was launched in August 1994. For the last 10 years, some 340 Onera staff members have been involved in the development of the A380. Onera has also provided its outstanding testing facilities and its most sophisticated modeling and simulation tools, which contributed greatly to the success of the A380 program
  • 10 GRAVES Space Surveillance System

    ONERA's teams have designed and developed the GRAVES space surveillance system to establish and maintain a database of satellites flying over France at altitudes of less than 1 000 kilometers. copyright © ONERA 1996 2006