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Optical instruments

Optical instruments

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  • 1 DOTA - Optics and Associated Techniques

    Design and production of new optical instruments: technological building blocks required for these new instruments, in-lab characterisation test benches and instruments used for airborne or ground campaigns. Deployment of commercial instruments or instruments developed by the department in the laboratory or in realspace environment (airborne measurements, ground measurements, static objects, moving targets, etc
  • 2 The second youth of optics

    When trying to miniaturize optical instruments to the utmost, the physical phenomena that come into play become complex, fascinating and particularly interesting. Welcome to the world of nanophotonics
  • 3 Nightglow - The light of the night

    This work has been done by teams from" the Calibration, Instrument Building and Optical Measuring" unit and" the Optical Instrument Design" unit of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics at Onera, in collaboration with the Utinam Institute of the Observatory of Besançon and the DGA / Aeronautical Techniques
  • 4 The earth in all its glory, seen from the sky using the SIELETERS instrument

    The two optical modules of the Sieleters instrument viewed from below the aircraft (installed on the hatch. Sieleters is a cryogenic instrument with two separate optical modules operating respectively in" the medium wave" (3 to 5 m) and" long wave" (8 to 12 m) infrared bands