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Optics research engineer at Onera

Optics research engineer at Onera

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  • 1 Nightglow - The light of the night

    Interview for this article with Pierre Simoneau, optics research engineer at Onera, conducted by Sylvain Gaultier (web). Share
  • 2 Onera spin-off into the world optronics market

    When he was an optics research engineer at Onera, Didier Rabaud had the opportunity to take part in the NAOS project for the Very Large Telescope in Chile. After this success, he decided to create his own SME, a service provider for companies in the field of new optronics technologies
  • 3 Award for a lidar specialist

    Jean Pierre Cariou, former researcher at the Theoretical and Applied Optics department at Onera (1984 to 2007), has become Director of Research and Development at Leosphere, one of the PME partners of Onera, specializing in the study of the atmosphere using lidar technology: the monitoring of high atmosphere pollution, meteorological measurement of clouds, wind, humidity, improving airport traffic flows, research into climate change, etc