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Physical phenomena

Physical phenomena

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  • 1 Jubilee in honor of Emmanuel Rosencher 30 years of quantum engineering applied to optics

    Opto-electronics is thus a complete technical and scientific structure in itself, to which Emmanuel Rosencher made his contribution with the study of the electrical and optical properties of semiconducting heterostructures (silicon / silica, gallium arsenide / aluminum and gallium arsenide, etc.). A gifted researcher and theorist, he contributed in particular to our progress in the understanding of the fundamental physical phenomena that take place in these" traditional" components in order to extend their potentialities
  • 2 US-France scientific cooperation on helicopters in the spotlight

    This cooperation has led to the solving of complex scientific issues, as well as to significant advances in the understanding of basic physical phenomena. It has also enabled technological advances in the pre- competitive field, benefiting research in the field of helicopter R & D
  • 3 Aerospace Lab Journal 9 "Life Prediction Methodologies for Materials aand Structures"

    The life prediction of structures is a strategic research area that involves multidisciplinary approaches covering multiple size scales- from the nanometer to the meter- and thus involves a great range of physical phenomena. This issue of the Aerospace Lab Journal deals with research activities around the microstructure- constitutive behavior- structural lifetime links
  • 4 Challenges in Combustion for Aerospace Propulsion

    In order to tackle all the problems of combustion, it is necessary to fully understand the interaction between the many complex physical phenomena involved in combustion systems: turbulence, chemical kinetics, multiphase flow behavior, heat and species diffusion, heat transfer to the walls, radiative transfer and acoustics
  • 5 ONERA welcomes you to its stand at the Paris Air Show!

    ONERA with the DGAC: improving knowledge of the physical phenomena involved in airworthiness and risk reduction. ONERA is an expert in the study of complex physical phenomena, such as icing, lightning, fire and wake vortices, as well as structure resistance and embedded software... Come and discover three reusable launcher solutions on its stand, each configuration requiring the mastery of complex and specific physical phenomena