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Research engineer in the Department

Research engineer in the Department

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  • 1 Nightglow - The light of the night

    Making use of its own exploratory research, Onera will be quite at ease in moving on to the development of a technology demonstrator, paving the way for industrial innovation... This work has been done by teams from" the Calibration, Instrument Building and Optical Measuring" unit and" the Optical Instrument Design" unit of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics at Onera, in collaboration with the Utinam Institute of the Observatory of Besançon and the DGA / Aeronautical Techniques
  • 2 The events that led to its creation

    In September 1946, a large number of departments or institutions in charge of aeronautical research, scattered throughout France, were dissolved to be integrated to ONERA. After the war, the aeronautical industry and research in France were devastated... Prince, Engineer General, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry Frédéric, Professor, Mining Engineer General and the Chief of Staff of the Air Minister,