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Research engineer

Research engineer

  • 1 Laser - Onera supports "Year of the Laser" in France"

    Jean Pierre Taran, a research engineer at the time and now High Scientific Advisor to Onera, worked with Townes in the United States for two years. After returning to France, in 1969 he began to build and operate a number of innovative laser- based measurement instruments
  • 2 Total and ONERA sign major research contract for airborne remote sensing

    The research engineers and scientists at Total and ONERA will be working on leading-edge technologies such as hyperspectral imaging, radar and lidar (laser radar). Research and testing will be carried out at Total facilities in France and other countries, and at ONERA's own facilities
  • 3 Nightglow - The light of the night

    Interview for this article with Pierre Simoneau, optics research engineer at Onera, conducted by Sylvain Gaultier (web). Share
  • 4 Thierry Michal Acting Chairman of Onera

    Having joined Onera in 1984 as a research engineer, he conducted his research in the field of space and held several positions before being appointed Director of the Long-term Design and Systems Integration department in 2000. At the same time, as from 1993 he supervised all studies leading to the development and commissioning of the French space surveillance system Graves in 2005
  • 5 Luc Vignaud rewarded by the NATO Scientific Council

    Luc Vignaud, ONERA's radar research engineer, received the Individual Scientific Achievement Award for his contribution to NATO on September 20th in Berlin, in recognition of his 16 years of achievements on the SET panel- Sensors and Electronics Technology. In particular, Luc Vignaud chaired five technical groups working on the automatic classification of targets by SAR radar, within the framework of NATO's STO (Science and Technology Organization)
  • 6 Another World Premiere at ONERA: Photon Sorting

    After creating the smallest cryogenic infrared camera in the world in late 2011, research engineers at ONERA reveal another world first: the sorting of photons by their wavelength, at a micrometric scale. This system revolutionizes the usual trade-offs between sensitivity and full color inherent to standard filtering, since this sorting technique allows all of the incident photons to be retrieved and used, while filtering" loses" photons
  • 7 Onera Provides a Breakthrough in New Generation Aircraft Burner Operability

    It was a case of improving the operability of a TAPS (Twin Annular Pre Swirl) type chamber injection system developed by Snecma, designed to reduce cruising flight NOx emissions by 50 to 60 %. Research engineers at ONERA had a double challenge: on one hand, combustion stability and quality when idling and, on other hand, reigniting the engine at high altitude
  • 8 Together with the SHOM, ONERA invents gravity mapping with atomic accuracy

    ONERA's research engineers thus overcame this challenge by developing the GIRAFE2 instrument... ONERA research engineers have explored a technology based on atom cooling with lasers, a technique that led Claude Cohen Tannoudji, Steven Chu and William D Phillips to win the Physics Nobel Prize in 1997. They proposed to the DGA the bold project of creating such a gravimeter, based on cold atom matter wave interferometry and able to be shipborne
  • 9 A laser to measure noise

    "By pointing the laser towards the zone that we want to study, we obtain information on the specific speed, that is to say, the speed of the vibrating air molecules, explains Frank Simon, research engineer at the ONERA in Toulouse. However, knowing the acoustic pressure isn't enough, we must combine these measurements with a model of the wave propagation in the air flow, that is to say, an aero-acoustic propagation model
  • 10 Drones in the playground with their big brothers

    "The rules of the air defined for general aerial circulation assume the presence of a pilot on board who is responsible for the safe execution of the flight" points out Christel Seguin, research engineer at Onera in Toulouse. Drones move in specific airspace known as" segregated"