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System Design Evaluation

System Design Evaluation

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  • 1 IESTA uses the CARMEN module to simulate the noise of aircraft in flight

    Infrastructure d'Evaluation de Systèmes de Transport Aérien [air transportation system evaluation infrastructure]. Clean Airport is its first operational application, intended for the evaluation of the environmental impact of air transport systems, a concept that can be broken down to the scale of a single device or of an entire fleet
  • 2 ONERA and the company RTaW strengthen their cooperation

    RTaW is an independent SME specializing in critical real-time system design and, more specifically, in verifying timing and dependability properties by means of formal approaches. At the Toulouse International Congress ERTS2 2016 (embedded real-time systems and software), ONERA and the company RTaW combined efforts to present a joint paper, developed within the framework of their collaboration agreement in the field of critical embedded systems