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Turbine blades

Turbine blades

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  • 1 Wind Turbines, Computers in the Fields

    A wind turbine is made up of three parts: the tower, which supports the whole assembly, the nacelle, which contains the electricity generator along with the accessory equipment (brake, electronic controller, etc.) and finally the rotor, which is itself made up of the blades and the main shaft... We adapted it to the low speeds of wind turbine blades"
  • 2 Ceramics are still surprising us

    Examples of turbine blades in eutectic ceramics developed by UBE in Japan. The objective is to create materials for non- cooled turbine blades
  • 3 "Two in One" Calculations

    Temperature calculation of a turbine blade where the wall and a cooling channel are taken into account, with coupling of" fluid" and" solid" software (Cedre and Abaqus resp.). In numerical simulations of aircraft, fluid mechanics specialists model the motion of air around the wings or in the engines, and structural mechanics researchers analyze the behaviour of the mechanical parts