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Wind-tunnel at Meudon

Wind-tunnel at Meudon

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  • 1 Understanding the Turbulence that Causes Jet Noise

    For the first time, in the ONERA R4Ch wind-tunnel at Meudon, a series of PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) data acquisitions was carried out at a high rate (2500 images per second), in the R4 Wind Tunnel at Meudon. With the stereoscopic installation it has been possible to measure the three components of the velocity in a plane transversal to the flow, thus allowing experimental access to the large scale dynamics of turbulence
  • 2 Hypersonic Shock Wave in Martian Atmosphere

    This picture was taken in Onera's R5Ch blow down windtunnel at Meudon. The hypersonic flow, coming from the left side, is Mach 10 (~1 5 km / s)