BLAST: ONERA boosts start-ups with 13 scientific experts

By the end of June 2021, 13 start-ups were involved in the BLAST programme. Today, ONERA is sending a mentor to each of the start-ups to assist them in their project.

Within the framework of the BLAST (Boost and Leverage AeroSpace and Defence Technologies) programme funded by BPI France, ONERA is committed to supporting innovative scientific and technical project holders (already created or yet to be created start-ups).

It's a done deal: ONERA has just appointed a scientific expert (mentor), as well as a DVPI correspondent to accompany each of the deep tech projects under the BLAST programme, selected by the end of June 2021. Supported by the Heads of Programme and Departments, this first group of projects will run till June 2022.
The appointed mentors are looking forward to bringing their expertise to these start-ups, which represent a sample of projects in the fields of Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Transverse Technologies.

These very diverse and specialised Deep Tech subjects require precise knowledge that ONERA can offer start-ups, as the scientific and methodological profile of the selected researchers is perfectly suited to the needs of the companies.

Start-ups and projects supported by ONERA scientists:

  • Aviathor - Electric motors for flying club aircraft
  • Beyond Aero - Hydrogen-powered business aircraft
  • CAPS - Autonomous capsules dedicated to UAM
  • Delfox - Turnkey Artificial Intelligence product used to model standalone systems in a changing environment
  • Hybrid Propulsion for Space
  • ICE Innovative Circular Engineering - Material from recycled cellulose, with very superior mechanical properties
  • Miratlas - Atmospheric data monitoring device for free-space optical communication
  • SEA PROVEN - Autonomous surface vessel used to collect oceanographic data
  • StatInf - Optimising the performance of integrated systems through statistical analysis
  • Venture Orbital System - Small satellite space launcher
  • Xinetis - Solar sail to de-orbit small satellites at the end of their life
  • Nathalie LEBORGNE - Reducing leakage from stratospheric and tropospheric balloons
  • Max VAN CAUWENBERGHE - Green Air Mobility Services

ONERA project leaders were also selected in this first group:

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