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Combustion chamber

Combustion chamber

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  • 1 A New Tool for the Design of Combustion Chambers

    A reduced-scale combustion chamber model is used for the precise reproduction on a test rig of the ignition performances of a complete configuration. A partial model of the Ardiden 1 combustion chamber has been evaluated in altitude conditions on the Mercato test rig (Onera Fauga Mauzac) ... Sector of combustion chamber simulated by the reduced-scale model of the Mercato test rig and viewing of the fuel fog before ignition
  • 2 Injection of fuel in a combustion chamber

    03/13/2006. copyright © ONERA 2006 -All rights reserved. Evaporation of drops of fuel on contact with a flame. A diffusion flame was generated (illustration above) .. Drops of a known diameter (between 50 and 100 m) were injected perpendicularly to this flame .. The phenomenon is illuminated by
  • 3 Leading Edge Research Tracks Down NOx in Aeronautics

    ONERA obtains the means to predict the production of emissions in future aeronautical combustion chambers... Faced with this challenge, ONERA has implemented the multi-disciplinary project Cleaner, whose purpose is to allow a very realistic simulation of polluting emissions in future aeronautical combustion chambers
  • 4 Assisting Combustion with Plasma

    "We have already learned a great deal about the place at which to create the discharge; the choice of the position of the electrodes is very important and is heavily dependent on the combustion chamber and the injector, on their sizes, the rates of combustion, the speed of flow, the pressure, etc."
  • 5 Academic Award for CEDRE, a Great Software Application for Combustion and Propulsion

    Cedre simulation of two-phase reactive flow in the TLC (Towards Lean Combustion) combustion chamber. Prediction of NOx at less than 10 % and a good prediction of the soot field topology
  • 6 DMPE - Multi-physics department for energy

    Simulation with CEDRE of soot formation in an aeronautical combustion chamber. Share
  • 7 Micro-turbines, maxi-difficulties

    This combustion chamber only measures 20 mm in diameter and is 2 7 mm thick... The flows do not occur in same way at very small scales, for example in the combustion chambers of these micro-turbines, which only measure a few hundred cubic millimetres... This is not desirable for a combustion chamber, where the fuel must mix with air!
  • 8 More realistic virtual engines

    Modeling what happens in the combustion chamber as accurately as possible is very important in the design of more environmentally friendly aircraft engines... Visualization of droplets dispersed in the TLC combustion chamber tested on the M1 test bench at à Onera Palaiseau DEFA computation executed using the CEDRE package
  • 9 Plasmas for Aeronautics

    The content of this special issue reflects the diversity of the applications and of the physical conditions where plasmas are applied: from the subsonic to the supersonic regime, from combustion chambers to external aerodynamics, and from thermal plasmas to cold plasmas. Both experimental and modeling aspects are covered, as the complexity of the physics involved render the joint approach necessary
  • 10 A Further Step in the Modeling of the Flow in Turbine Compressors

    Optimization, especially to reduce consumption, requires the description of the interaction of these vortices with the high pressure gas flow that feeds the combustion chamber. The difficulty in the numerical simulation of this phenomenon is largely due to differences between the characteristic dimensions of the interacting parts: a few tenths of a millimeter for the gap, to a few tens of centimeters for the main flow