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  • 1 Gust effect control: a European first at ONERA

    The effect of gust fields on the aerodynamic and aeroelastic behaviour of the model was analysed and the experimental data was delivered to ONERA's main partners (Airbus and Dassault Aviation) for the validation of their numerical methods. Control results for Mach= 0 3 and 0 73 on accelerometer responses for a broadband gust disturbance
  • 2 ONERA encourages collaboration in aircraft design

    This event, in partnership with its German counterpart the DLR, was attended by over 50 people from research centres and universities (Europe and United- States) as well as from the aviation industry (Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, Dassault Aviation). For three days, participants discussed subjects related to aircraft design: new configurations, evaluation of innovative technologies, multi-disciplinary optimisation and the development of integration tools; skills in Europe were able to be mapped; the publication of a permanent scientific journal on this theme is planned, etc