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  • 1 Understanding the Turbulence that Causes Jet Noise

    For the first time, in the ONERA R4Ch wind-tunnel at Meudon, a series of PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) data acquisitions was carried out at a high rate (2500 images per second), in the R4 Wind Tunnel at Meudon. With the stereoscopic installation it has been possible to measure the three components of the velocity in a plane transversal to the flow, thus allowing experimental access to the large scale dynamics of turbulence
  • 2 Computing power at the service of measurement

    *PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) is an experimental technique that allows the speed fields of fluids to be measured by sowing the fluid with small particles that are imaged at a very high rate with high-speed cameras coupled to a laser flash.* The FOLKI algorithm family uses graphic processing units (GPU) that make it possible to reach- for some types of applications- computing powers that are much greater than those of the processors that are usually used
  • 3 Onera and Cetim Make a Breakthrough in the Production of Composite Parts

    The innovation lies in the possibility of producing light parts with high mechanical performance, at rates compatible with the requirements of automobile production... Thus, Onera designed the wishbone suspension using its numerical methods that were developed for aerospace, according to the requirements of a set of automotive specifications provided by PSA Peugeot Citroën. Cetim developed a high rate production line, consistent with automobile production requirements, relying on Compose, which made an innovating mold for the part
  • 4 DGV, Doppler Global Velocimetry or the photography of velocity by laser

    However, for some uses, DGV has decisive advantages: point measurements at high rate, measurement of the velocity of droplets in a spray, three-component at high supersonic, etc. Moreover DGV is a technique with great educational value and is still popular with students for reason