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Industrial partners

Industrial partners

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  • 1 The results of the SWAFEA study are published

    p; The European project Swafea, on the feasibility and effects of introducing alternative fuels in aviation, was conducted under ONERA management with 19 European industrial partners (Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Snecma, Shell, Air France, etc.) and research partners (IFP-EN, DLR, WUR, etc).br /; br /; The preliminary results of the study were presented and discussed with the various participating parties in February 2011, during the international conference organised in Toulouse
  • 2 A New Tool for the Design of Combustion Chambers

    this is the specific feature of the Onera approach to helping industrial partners. Share
  • 3 Prevention using drones

    Onera is taking part in a research program in collaboration with industrial partners to define what these flying devices could look like... "We are taking part in a multi-disciplinary program, with industrial partners, to define the feasibility of these surveillance drones in terms of aerodynamics, structure, propulsion, payload, and instrumentation which guarantee a level of reliability comparable to that of current commercial aircraft", explains Claude the Tallec, project leader at Onera
  • 4 More realistic virtual engines

    Once the models are verified they are made available to other Onera teams, or industrial partners such as Snecma and Turbomeca. TLC chamber: calculation of the concentration of soots with Cedre