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Scientific branches

Scientific branches

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  • 1 Matmeca is winner of the Equipex call for projects

    The success of the Matmeca project is the result of considerable work upstream by teams from departments pertaining to the Materials and Structures branch of ONERA and also partner research establishments. Its main scientific theme is concerns the great scientific challenges and the industrial stakes relating to the development, characterization, modeling and simulation of the behavior of materials and structures
  • 2 Death of Emmanuel Rosencher: one year already

    Emmanuel Rosencher, ONERA's Scientific Director, passed away on the 15th of June 2013. Despite having joined Onera only a few weeks ago, I feel how intact the memory of the man who placed his scientific excellence and incredible enthusiasm at the service of our organization remains a year later
  • 3 Death of Emmanuel Rosencher, ONERA's Scientific Director

    In 2003, he became Director of the Physics branch where he had a scientific point of view on four departments and more than 350 people. In October 2010, he was appointed Scientific Director of ONERA (DSG)
  • 4 "Two in One" Calculations

    "The fluid and mechanical structure calculations are already complex, and the same language isn't used in these fields, nor the same meshing (dividing space into small volumes, or elements) and it would thus be very complicated to create a new calculation code integrating both branches of physics"
  • 5 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    It is the fruit of close collaboration between ONERA and Aerospatiale (whose missile branch later became MBDA). Since then, efforts have continued to perfect this original technical branch that confers a formidable deterrent power to our fighter aircraft... All scientific areas of ONERA have been involved since the 1980s in many research projects on stealth for aircraft, missiles, ships and land vehicles
  • 6 ONERA lifts the veil on 70 years of its history: 1996 to the present day - A period of major changes

    In 1997, 17 thematic scientific departments were created at ONERA, grouped into 4 branches under the supervision of a general scientific directorate. An increasing part of the activity turns to the execution of contracts
  • 7 Onera spin-off into the world optronics market

    I joined the optronics branch of Shakti and together with its CEO, Frédéric Chazallet, we created the company Shaktiware... Our success has also relied on a solid learning process, calling both upon engineering and the rigor of a scientific approach... For this side of our work, the confidence of prestigious scientific partners such as Onera, the Fresnel Institute and Ifremer has been decisive
  • 8 Maxwell would have loved it

    "The Emir technique is unique in the world, and the principle is very clever, "says Emmanuel Rosencher, Scientific Director of the Physics Branch at Onera. "For the first time, we can really visualize the electromagnetic field, which usually seems so mysterious
  • 9 50 years of laser research at Onera

    "Until now the lasers we have been using, powerful enough for these measurements, emitted impulses every 10 milliseconds, explains Emmanuel Rosencher, scientific director of the Physics branch at Onera. But, turbulence phenomena, that remain one of the great mysteries of fundamental physics, occur over periods of time that are shorter than a millisecond