Continuous-flow wind tunnel, Atmospheric, Mach 0.05 to Mach 1


S1MA aerodynamic circuit


Continuous-flow wind tunnel, Atmospheric, Mach 0.05 to Mach 1
Largest facility of its kind in the world: 8 meter diameter. Test section: large models for a better simulation.
Typical wing span model size : 3,5m to 4m
Motorized testing on half models is possible.
Full model testing for investigation of handling qualities (with remotely controlled ailerons, flaps, HTP).
Suitable facility for valuable noise measurements (Adequate Re number).
Tests corrections capitalize on major progress in CFD approach.

The Modane S1MA wind tunnel is equipped with two contra-rotating fans driven by Pelton turbines, developing 88 MW of power. It takes about 3 minutes to bring the speed from 0 to Mach 0.8.


  • Three interchangeable test sections.
  • Test sections can be replaced in six to ten hours, depending on the configuration.


S1MA Test section


  • Steady measurements = 128 analog channels, 16 bits A/D converter, digital lowpass filtering with a bandwidth from 0.01 to 10 Hz. Steady accuracy ±1 mV, resolution 0.3mV.
  • Unsteady measurements = 64 analog channels at 100 kHz per channel. 12 bits A/D converter, digital lowpass filtering with a bandwidth from 0 to 20 kHz (if necessary the number of channels can be increased).
  • Steady pressures = 992 channels (by DTC PSI®, system 8400) (On demand this number of pressure channels can be increased up to 1984).
  • Measurement at constant Mach number by sampling in a range M = ± 0,001
  • Automatic quality checks of the pressure measurement units.
  • Real-time spectral analysis.
  • Measurement while one parameter is continuously varying.
  • Model supports and tunnel wall interferences corrections.

Measurement techniques:


Stagnation pressure is approximately equal to the local atmospheric pressure, i.e. about 0.9 bar.

Stagnation temperature stands between 258 and 333 K according to Mach number and atmospheric temperature.





S1MA - fans - 88 MW - 15 meter diameter


Commercial aircraft test in S1MA

  • 6-componant aerodynamic forces and control surface hinge moments measured on a complete or half-span model.
  • Large models of transport aircraft (4m span of half-span).
  • Hybrid laminarity models with suction of boundary layer.
  • Helicopter rotors (4 m diameter).
  • Propeller tests (isolated and installed propeller tests).
  • Full-scale missiles, with real motor running.
  • Naclle/pylon/wing interference (blown/TPS nacelles).
  • Air intakes (steady and unsteady measurements).
  • Captive trajectory system and jetisson test.
  • Acoustics.


Model preparation and tests in secure cells.
Numerous tests for foreign customers, all with confidentiality absolutely guaranteed.