Wind Tunnel Model

Wind tunnel models are an integral part of the development program for all manufacturers.

The quality of design and products directly affect the quality of data taken in the wind tunnel.

The model sizes are various: from small hypersonic models (few centimeter long) to very large model (3 to 4 meters for wing span - full model or half model).

Within ONERA Wind Tunnel Division, Design and Manufacture Department provides a complete service from client request (including configuration evolution management) to completion of model assembly and inspection.

We use the expertise of wind tunnel test engineer (and other ONERA' scientifical department if necessary) to produce the wind tunnel models which maximize wind tunnel productivity by minimizing model change times.

The models could include:

  • Main balance interface
  • Local balances
  • Sensors integration
  • Distributed pressure taps integration
  • Active flow control actuators
  • Forebody/Inlet Integration Propulsion Integration
  • Cryogenic material from cryogenic wind tunnel testing,
  • Radio Cross Section (RCS)

Our models can include multiple remotely driven surfaces, pressure taps, pressure rakes, accelerometers, thermocouples, dynamic pressure transducers, local balance and strain gauges (including calibration activity).

Aerodynamic surfaces can be designed and built with high precision, compatible with quality requested by wind tunnel test.

From small model ...

... to large one