Testing techniques

This section  gives an overview on various measurement methods and testing techniques used in our wind tunnel.

  • We develop new measurements methods : PSP techniques (High speed, low speed, unsteady) ; MDM (Model Deformation Method) ; aero-acoustic measurements
  • We improve the wind tunnel data quality : reduce wind tunnel measurements bias (supports and walls effects) with support of CFD calculations ; improvement in loads measurements (balance technology)
  • We build new test rigs suitable for assessment of potential of new ideas for innovation (open-rotor...)
  • We develop technologies to improve wind tunnel productivity (models with motorized control surfaces, upgrade wind tunnel control and equipment)
  • We work on model design and manufacturing major improvements, to offer models able to better simulate the aerodynamic conditions and capable of hosting and transmitting more valuable data
  • We upgrade our computerized data acquisition and reduction

PSP measurement in S2MA wind tunnel