Chaiman's statement

Bruno Sainjon, Président-directeur général de l'ONERA
Bruno Sainjon, ONERA Chairman
and CEO

In 1946, the State created ONERA as an instrument of the ambitious policy of excellence for the French aeronautical industry and national Defense. It placed ONERA under the sole auspices of the French Ministry of Armies.

To elevate France to the world's top table of scientific and technological excellence in civil and military aeronautics, ONERA was tasked in particular with developing and guiding research in the aeronautical field; designing, producing and implementing the necessary means for executing this research; and encouraging the take-up of its research results by industry.

These duties would, 15 years later, be expanded to include deterrence and space, in close liaison with the DMA, the French Government Defense procurement and technology agency (later to become the DGA), and the CNES, the French government space agency, each created by General de Gaulle. In 2016, ONERA celebrated its 70th anniversary and signed a new objectives and performance contract with the State, based on a new strategic scientific plan (PSS). These documents confirm our missions and our strategy. In parallel, ONERA is committed to consolidating its economic equilibrium and winning over new customers, as well as reinforcing the place of the people in its organization.


ALL the major civil and military programs (combat and transport aviation and equipment, tactical missiles, deterrence force missiles, helicopters, UAVs, launch vehicles, satellites, space surveillance, etc.) that have endowed our industry, and through it France and Europe, with its current technological and economic strength contain a strong dose of "ONERA inside". These successes are illustrated by ONERA GEMS.


Without research there can be no programs

The research conducted by ONERA has helped to shape our civil and military aerospace industry, and contributed to its past and current successes. The mission entrusted to it by the State has therefore been fulfilled, and we intend to continue in the same vein for a further 70 years of excellence.

Our manufacturers often point out that programs involve long cycles requiring sound preparation, and therefore financial support - also over the long term - for the necessary technologies. They point out, quite rightly, that "without technologies there can be no programs,". I thoroughly agree with this statement, although I would add that you need to extend it by saying "without research there can be no technologies".
It is therefore vital to support research, too.


Bruno Sainjon
ONERA Chairman and CEO