Memoires, thermo-optical data base

Introduction and access to the database

Mesure de propriétés optiques sur des matériaux naturels (échantillons de type "fond")
Measurements of optical properties of natural samples (backgrounds) - details

Memoires database (Mean of Exchange and valorization of Measurements of thermal, Optical and InfraREd properties of Samples and scenes) is a secured platform allowing to store and share optical and thermal properties of any type of samples (i.e. materials, backgrounds…).

Many types of optical parameters are stored in the base: optical index, reflectivity (including BRDF), transmittivity (including BTDF), and emissivity. These properties can be spectral or polarized.

These data from many origins are referenced by Onera who assesses, with its partners, their relevance and integrity, through a reliability index.

In addition to the optical and thermal properties, Memoires includes also descriptions of samples, experimental setups, etc.

This software offers several useful functions:

  • Searching data through an English / French nomenclature, made by different methods (key words, multi criteria, navigation inside the arborescence)
  • Data processing (preparation for simulation codes, statistical analysis, resizing, etc)
  • Data downloading (on line or automatic with a specific tool to plug in user software)

Memoires software controls the access rights, secured downloading, according to the data security level and the user access rights.

ONERA organizes regular meetings of the "users group" to consider the Memoires evolutions.

Access to Memoires database requires to send the inscription form, that needs to be approved by both DGA and Onera. The registration form is available here, and has to be sent back by post mail or fax.

Mesure de propriétés optiques sur des matériaux artificiels (échantillons de type "cible")
Measurements of optical properties of manmade samples

Contact : contact.memoires<AT>

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