LES of a two-phase jet under the influence of high-amplitude acoustic waves

Nicolas Rutard's PhD thesis

The aim of these simulations is to gain a better understanding of the interaction mechanisms between acoustic disturbances and the liquid jet atomization process (jet deformation, atomization intensification). These mechanisms may play an important role in the occurrence of high-frequency combustion instabilities in liquid-propellant rocket engines. Advanced numerical models and methods dedicated to multiphase flows developed at ONERA enable high-fidelity simulations to be carried out to complement experiments.












[1] Rutard, Nicolas & Dorey, Luc-Henry & Le Touze, Clément & Ducruix, Sébastien. (2019). Large-eddy simulation of an air-assisted liquid jet under a high-frequency transverse acoustic forcing. International Journal of Multiphase Flow. 122. 103144. 10.1016/j.ijmultiphaseflow.2019.103144.

[Topic MFE-DMPE] Multiphase flows