Acoustic Propagation around a High-Lift Wing Profile

Faced with ever stricter noise regulations around the airports, the aeronautics industry has become increasingly concerned with aircrafts'aeroacoustics over the last few years. Great progress has been achieved in noise reduction of the engines over the past decades, so the aerodynamic noise is not negligible anymore, particularly in landing configuration.

copyright © ONERA 1996-2006 - Tous droits réservés Simulation de la propagation d'une des sources aéroacoustiques prépondérantes d'un profil générique à trois corps DSNA
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Acoustic propagation around a high-lift wing profile in a non-uniform flow


In this domain, a deep understanding of the origins of aerodynamic noise is required to produce efficient control devices. That's why ONERA has decided to develop a set of numerical simulation tools in order to be able to predict the (aeroacoustic) noise generated by any wing profile, and even a full plane.

The above figure shows the result of a simulation using a new propagation tool, which allows the high-order coupling of curvilinear and cartesien grids. One of the major aeroacoustic sources for a high-lift wing profile has been represented thanks to an analytical model. The coupling method and the resolution of the Euler equations in perturbation form allow to simulate the propagation of the waves generated by this source, while accounting for non-uniform flow effects (the mean flow had been previously computed using a RANS method – S. Ben Khelil / DAAP). The objective of this simulation was to predict the directivity of the aeroacoustic source in a landing configuration.

Author : Guillaume Desquesnes
PhD student at the Department of CFD and Aeroacoustics
With the help of Marc Terracol and Eric Manoha

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