Rapport annuel

Onera 2012 Annual Report: Creativity is Our Watchword in 2012

The Onera annual report for 2012 is  available. Chairman and CEO Denis Maugars reviews the year's highlights and the projects and achievements covered in the report.

Denis MaugarsThe creativity of our scientists, engineers and technicians
reached an all-time high in 2012, as the achievements
recorded in this report show.
Our exceptional results are the product of our people's skills and expertise of course, but they also reflect the rejuvenation of our workforce, with the hiring of many talented young people, and close cooperation with industry. We are more active than ever in export markets such as the United States, Russia, India and China, and a number of our research proposals in Europe were chosen.
The defense industry's recognition of our skills and
critical facilities for military program development supports the sustained contribution of our expertise and technologies. Research & Technology (R&T) is a constant key to the development of both civil and military aerospace
At ONERA, we will continue to do our utmost for
the customers


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