Quantum physics

ONERA inaugurates its quantum technology laboratory

On 8 February at the École Polytechnique, Bruno Sainjon inaugurated a new cross-disciplinary laboratory dedicated to quantum technologies, called QTech. Involving some thirty researchers at ONERA, this laboratory aims to encourage exchanges, projects and new collaborations.

The opening ceremony took place in the presence of the Hauts-de-Seine MP, Jacques Marilossian, and a group of around 100 people comprising scientists, industrialists and representatives of institutions, highlighting the importance of quantum technology today, both within ONERA and beyond.

QTech’s mission is to unify activities related to quantum physics applications in the fields of aeronautics, space and defence, which are currently carried out in the various departments of ONERA. Its objectives are to stimulate scientific exchanges and new projects internally, and to develop new collaborations with academic and industrial partners, particularly in connexion with the Quantum Paris-Saclay quantum sciences and technology centre and GIFAS, the French Aerospace Industries Association.

The QTech laboratory, which has a national reach, with resources and activities in both the Ile-de-France and in Midi-Pyrénées, has been structured around four thematic areas: quantum communications, quantum optronics, quantum calculation and atomic sensors.
QTech also has a scientific board made up of leading scientific personalities and chaired by Alain Aspect.

« With this new laboratory, ONERA intends to strengthen its position as a key player and go-to partner in the second quantum revolution (french), which is currently being played out for applications in the fields of aeronautics, space and defence », says Riad Haidar, Chief Scientific Officer of ONERA.

See the presentations of all the Q Tech inaugural day speakers

Quantum physics has been a topic at ONERA for many years, see: the saga of cold atom gravimeters (french).

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