Press release

Sofradir and Onera Sign New Partnership Agreement

The partners’ combined strengths in aerospace and defense research and industrial knowhow will facilitate the paradigm shift necessary for innovation uptake in thermal imaging

Camera infrarouge Sofradir Onera

The partners have committed to a five-year project aimed at developing disruptive technologies in infrared detection in order to provide OEMs with more highly advanced capabilities in thermal imaging.

The innovations will also enable equipment makers to address future expectations in the performance of optronics systems, where infrared detection is key. In addition, the project aims to accelerate the transfer of Onera’s research to Sofradir, thereby increasing the global market competitiveness of Sofradir and its customers.

IR detectors are advanced technology components at the center of multiple military, space, commercial and scientific applications: thermal imagers, missile seekers, surveillance systems, targeting systems or observation satellites. Their performance and price are critical to the competitiveness of optronics systems.

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