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SONDRA: a successful radar cooperation between France and Singapore

From 10 to 14 June 2013 in Hyères, a hundred of delegates from the Franco-Singaporean joint laboratory SONDRA   met for the 3rd Workshop SONDRA. The topics were EM modeling, radar and remote sensing.

SONDRA is a joint laboratory  involving ONERA Supelec (Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité - France), National University of Singapore (NUS) and  DSO a Singapore’s national defense R&D organization.

1/3 of the participants were Singaporeans. Some representatives of Brazil, the United States and Germany attended the workshop. On French side, in addition to Supelec and Onera participants, Thales and DGA were well represented.
This workshop has vividly demonstrated that Singapore is progressing well on topics related to new concepts of radar, thanks to its French partners, not only in terms of research but also in terms of transition to R&D, as shown by the completion of the CARGESE antenna (see photo).

Système d'antennes aéroporté CARGESE
Airborne antennas system CARGESE, emblematic of the active cooperation between ONERA and DSO within SONDRA

In SONDRA, ONERA plays the role of bridge between research and development. The workshop itself was a great success: ONERA, with its partners, managed to animate brilliantly the meetings and especially to involve high-level scientists who can seize opportunities for further exchanges and collaborations within the SONDRA  alliance.

After almost 10 years of existence for SONDRA and 15 years for the partnership ONERA - DSO, collaboration is scientifically recognized internationally, with a real ability to lead and build relationships with other actors in the field of the joint laboratory.




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