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Total and ONERA sign major research contract for airborne remote sensing

Total and ONERA today signed a large-scale research and innovation partnership agreement, spanning five years and budgeted at 30 million euros. This partnership aims to adapt or develop remote sensing technologies for use in oil and gas exploration, security and environmental protection applications.

Airborne remote sensing for oil & gas Exploration & Production

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Remote sensing, using airborne or spaceborne systems, provides key data on the Earth's land surface, oceans and atmosphere. 

The research partnership between Total and ONERA is designed to refine existing technologies, enhance data coupling and information management, and determine the best platforms to use, whether balloons, drones, aircraft or satellites. The research engineers and scientists at Total and ONERA will be working on leading-edge technologies such as hyperspectral imaging, radar and lidar (laser radar). Research and testing will be carried out at Total facilities in France and other countries, and at ONERA's own facilities. 

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