Information Processing and Systems – TIS

This domain covers systems and what is usually designated as Information and Communication Science and Technology (ICST), the main components of which are automation, signal and image processing, robotics, numerical simulation, design and automation of systems and processes, information systems engineering, and knowledge and cognitive engineering.

Domaine scientifique Traitement de l’Information et Systèmes – TISA large proportion of the research work targets the design of aeronautical and aerospace systems, on the one hand, of defense, surveillance and security systems, on the other hand, and the deployment of these systems in complex missions; the processing of large data volumes from onboard sensors; and generating know-how about large-scale phenomena. The generic character of the research work gives it major diversification potential, particularly in general transport and production systems.




Domaine scientifique Traitement de l’Information et Systèmes – TISThis work targets - by way of innovative digital methods and techniques and convergences between modeling, simulation and data - progress for attaining new levels of intrinsic performance in the systems under consideration. It also relates to issues pertaining to the integration of the research work in information and communication systems, to the needs for interactivity with users, as well as to the security, safety, autonomy and coordination of systems.


Domaine scientifique Traitement de l’Information et Systèmes – TISMuch of this research work gives rise to experimental developments (mini-drones and UAVs, terrestrial and underwater robots, piloting aid interfaces, smart sensor networks, etc.). Others are the subject of software platform developments (air traffic, battle lab, MDO design, etc.) for producing digital mockups and assessing operational performance through physical simulation.





Scientific topics of the Information Processing and Systems (TIS) domain

The TIS domain covers 8 scientific topics spread across 2 departments of ONERA.

Topics Scientific Department References
Systems identification and control DTIS 61 - 7
Perception and information processing DTIS 27, 61 - 7
Artificial intelligence and decision-making DTIS 27, 61 - 6, 7
Systems and software engineering DTIS 27 - 6, 7
Cognitive engineering and human-system interaction DTIS 61, 69 - 7, 26
Systems design and optimization DTIS-DAAA 61 - 7
Safety and security of cyber-physical systems DTIS 27, 61 - 7
Robotics and autonomy DTIS 27, 61 - 7