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Aerospace industries

Aerospace industries

  • 1 Approach

    ONERA makes regular scientific breakthroughs that generate success in the aerospace industry, and which can be applied to different lines of business. Objective: to enable major corporations, intermediate-sized companies, SMEs and startups alike to benefit from the know-how and high value-added technologies transfer, to develop new products and services
  • 2 Identity

    Disseminating, in collaboration with the authorities or organisations responsible for scientific and technical research, the results of said research at national and international levels; promoting their use by the aerospace industry and, where appropriate, facilitating their application outside the aerospace field
  • 3 A Higher Degree of Industrial Realism for Aerodynamic Simulation

    The ability to numerically represent the effect of these shapes on the flow is clearly a key competitiveness factor for our aerospace industry. Thus, a small bump can cause noise and drag, which must be taken into account
  • 4 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    In 1983, the public sector democratization law caused ONERA's statutes to be updated in order to render them compliant (Decree of 1984). They now stress the importance of the mission of transferring research results to the aerospace industry... The scientific and technical contributions provided by ONERA to the industries concerned (Dassault Aviation, Aerospace, Dasa, Aeritalia) were significant
  • 5 Academic Award for CEDRE, a Great Software Application for Combustion and Propulsion

    The French Air and Space Academy has given an award for Cedre, ONERA's reference simulation software for energy and propulsion, used both in research and in the aerospace industry. The 2012 Medal of the Air and Space Academy was awarded to the ONERA Cedre team, represented by B Courbet, D Scherrer, Ph Villedieu and F Vuillot, scientists at ONERA
  • 6 Which role Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power ?

    The French (and European) aerospace industry is one of the increasingly rare industry sectors in which we still enjoy global status, with all that entails in terms of scientific, technological, industrial, economic and of course human challenges... Another aspect: while the advent of entities intended to bolster the coherence of academic and industry work in several areas (SATT, IRT, clusters, etc.) has met its objective in several areas, in the aerospace sector, this coherence, a de facto mission assigned to ONERA at the outset, has in fact been weakened
  • 7 Onera 2012 Annual Report: Creativity is Our Watchword in 2012

    Our exceptional results are the product of our people's skills and expertise of course, but they also reflect the rejuvenation of our workforce, with the hiring of many talented young people, and close cooperation with industry... The defense industry's recognition of our skills and... Research & Technology (R&T) is a constant key to the development of both civil and military aerospace
  • 8 Death of Denis Maugars, ONERA Chief Executive Officer

    He was also a member of the board of ACARE and the association of European Research Establishments in Aerospace (EREA). After starting his career in 1982 with the DRIRE (Regional division of industry, research and the environment) Rhône Alpes, where he was in charge of industrial affairs, he joined the Ministry of Industry in 1984, and the Budgetary Directorate in 1986. He particularly organised the financing of Ariane 5, and monitored the human resources policy for scientific establishments
  • 9 DMPE - Multi-physics department for energy

    The DMPE (Multi-physics department for energetics) carries out research and study work of a multi-physical nature for energetics, essentially for the benefit of industry and State services in the aerospace domain. The approach is based on experimental, theoretical and digital activities
  • 10 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: Inventing together the future of aerospace

    Are you an institution, a government partner, an industry actor, a journalist, a student or an aviation enthusiast?... In a futuristic and welcoming environment, with the base line" Inventing together the future of aerospace", the program directors will introduce you to ONERA's universe and its many areas of expertise