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Air transport

Air transport

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  • 1 Long-term planning - Air transport 2050

    Result of a multidisciplinary task force of the Onera, the study entitled" Research paths for a viable air transport industry in 2050", lays the groundwork for a long-term analysis and also identifies the priority research objectives
  • 2 Long-term planning - Air transport 2050

    viable air transport industry in 2050", lays the groundwork for a long-term
  • 3 Is there a pilot on board the plane?

    Researchers at ONERA are thinking about what an air transport system with no pilot and with no controller would be like... To help define an effective and safe future air transport system, we are thinking about an entirely automatic air transport system... Neither, but rather the futurology work of an industrial consortium of researchers and academics coordinated by ONERA who, without wishing to dehumanize everything, are trying to find out what degree of automation is feasible as far as air transport is concerned
  • 4 Signing of an ENAC-ONERA strategic agreement

    The two parties will together explore the design of the future ATM, flight safety, navigation by satellite (GNSS, etc.), the environment and air transport economics. The ENAC and ONERA will act in concert in these fields for the DGAC (General Directorate for Civil Aviation) and European authorities
  • 5 ONERA reveals its 70 years of history

    After WWI, military aviation became air transport. Between the two wars, military aircraft were transformed into transport aircraft, for passengers and mail
  • 6 Groupe Thales

    It enables us to plan new directions for work, particularly in airborne turbulence detection systems, a crucial problem for air transport because it conditions the minimum distance between two aircraft... Atmospheric turbulence is an issue for air transport comfort and safety
  • 7 IESTA uses the CARMEN module to simulate the noise of aircraft in flight

    Infrastructure d'Evaluation de Systèmes de Transport Aérien [air transportation system evaluation infrastructure]. Clean Airport is its first operational application, intended for the evaluation of the environmental impact of air transport systems, a concept that can be broken down to the scale of a single device or of an entire fleet
  • 8 After the Velib', the Planelib'?

    The challenge: supplementing the multimodal transport of the future with an air link to provide greater flexibility and speed... The personal plane, the air link of a future multimodal transport system... It is far too early to say whether such an individual air transport system is technically feasible, and still more to judge its economic relevance
  • 9 F1

    Air intake tests for fighter or transport aircraft (steady and unsteady measurements). Two-dimensional airfoil tests
  • 10 Testing Capabilities

    Research programs for air, land and sea transport. Blade profile optimization for wind turbine