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Applied Optics Department

Applied Optics Department

  • 1 Hyperspectral imaging

    Images: integrated Onera / Optical Institute team coordinated by Christophe Coudrain, engineer in the Theoretical and Applied Optics Department... Yann Ferrec, engineer in Onera's Theoretical and Applied Optics Department and doctoral student at the Optical Institute
  • 2 Award for a lidar specialist

    Jean Pierre Cariou, former researcher at the Theoretical and Applied Optics department at Onera (1984 to 2007), has become Director of Research and Development at Leosphere, one of the PME partners of Onera, specializing in the study of the atmosphere using lidar technology: the monitoring of high atmosphere pollution, meteorological measurement of clouds, wind, humidity, improving airport traffic flows, research into climate change, etc
  • 3 The second youth of optics

    Riad Haïdar and his team in Onera's Theoretical and Applied Optics Department are a case in point. Their objective is to miniaturize optical systems
  • 4 Combining lasers for powerful lidars

    After a publication outlining the application of this technique to a pulsed laser in 2011, ONERA'sTheoretical and Applied Optics Department implemented it in a lidar and proved that it worked without any degradation of the lidar signal. Before transferring the technology to industry, it must prove that it works at high powers: to date, two 50- Watt continuous lasers have been coherently combined the aim being to achieve two times 500 Watts
  • 5 An integrated team for nanotechnology research

    Since 2005, the CNRS, via its Photonics and Nanostructure Laboratory (LPN), and ONERA, through part of the Innovation Design in Optics (CIO) team of the Theoretical and Applied Optics Department, have joined forces and teams, pooling their knowledge to conduct research in nanophotonics and its applications
  • 6 Aberration detector

    Jérôme Primot, researcher in Onera's Theoretical and Applied Optics department. Lexique
  • 7 Groupe Thales

    Onera research bench (Theoretical and Applied Optics Department) with a Rayleigh lidar for measuring air parameters. The research efforts
  • 8 Alexandre Sauvage / Leosphere

    WindCube, a compact lidar intended to measure wind speed profiles, has benefited from the research done by the theoretical and applied optics department at Onera... Thus, the work in the theoretical and applied optics department (DOTA) of Onera on more powerful laser sources will be transferred to Leosphere via another SME, Keopsys, which sells it laser sources on partnership terms
  • 9 Another World Premiere at ONERA: Photon Sorting

    The first demonstrations of this principle were performed in ONERA's Onda laboratory (opto-electronic nanomaterials and related devices), from joint work with the Dota (ONERA's Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics) and the CNRS / LPN (Laboratory of Photonics and Nanostructures). The research was supported with funding from the ANR and ONERA: the Carnot Antares and the Intrepid project
  • 10 Nightglow - The light of the night

    Onera / Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics. This work has been done by teams from" the Calibration, Instrument Building and Optical Measuring" unit and" the Optical Instrument Design" unit of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics at Onera, in collaboration with the Utinam Institute of the Observatory of Besançon and the DGA / Aeronautical Techniques