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Defense industries

Defense industries

  • 1 Onera 2012 Annual Report: Creativity is Our Watchword in 2012

    The defense industry's recognition of our skills and. critical facilities for military program development supports the sustained contribution of our expertise and technologies
  • 2 ONERA welcomes you to its stand at the Paris Air Show!

    Driven by the message" Inventing together the future of aerospace", technological breakthroughs, projects and skills will be exhibited along ONERA's three new program lines: defense, aeronautics and space... Under the supervision of the Ministry of Armed Forces and as a state expert for the DGA, ONERA partners with top ranking French industries
  • 3 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: Inventing together the future of aerospace

    Are you an institution, a government partner, an industry actor, a journalist, a student or an aviation enthusiast?... Located in hall 2A, at location C271, closer to major French and European industrials, discover ONERA's future breakthroughs in aeronautics, space and defense
  • 4 Which role Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power ?

    On September 8 and 9, ONERA participate in the Summer Defense Conference, with Chairman and CEO Bruno Sainjon taking advantage of this opportunity to discuss the role that Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power. The French (and European) aerospace industry is one of the increasingly rare industry sectors in which we still enjoy global status, with all that entails in terms of scientific, technological, industrial, economic and of course human challenges
  • 5 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    ONERA positioning said, a bridge between research and industry. In 1983, the public sector democratization law caused ONERA's statutes to be updated in order to render them compliant (Decree of 1984). They now stress the importance of the mission of transferring research results to the aerospace industry
  • 6 ONERA lifts the veil on 70 years of its history: 1996 to the present day - A period of major changes

    During the 1990s, the defense sector learned lessons from conflicts (Gulf War, ex- Yugoslavia) that had thrust into prominence weaponry of precision and stealth... The period was also marked in France by reform to the defense armory and a steep drop in the budget assigned to defense research... A growing number of countries had aerospace ambitions, in particular focused on defense
  • 7 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: together with its partners

    Jointly with the Chiefs of Staff, industry and research, the DGA ensures consistency between defense tools and long term strategic ambitions. In view of the combat air capability development cycles, it is necessary to assess the means of defense to be implemented by 2030, to anticipate the evolution of threats and new concepts of use
  • 8 Academic Award for CEDRE, a Great Software Application for Combustion and Propulsion

    The French Air and Space Academy has given an award for Cedre, ONERA's reference simulation software for energy and propulsion, used both in research and in the aerospace industry... Cedre has allowed significant progress in the field of research and has provided a highly effective computer assisted design tool for aerospace and defense industrialists