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Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields

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  • 1 Maxwell would have loved it

    EMIR is a system used to map electromagnetic fields using infrared... In the background, an electromagnetic field in a hyperbolic antenna... However, Onera researchers have successfully developed a system to visualize electromagnetic fields (combining an electric field and a magnetic field)... The heating is proportional to the energy of the electromagnetic field: the stronger the field, the more the film heats up
  • 2 Reversed Time

    Today, researchers at Onera are using it to improve their testing systems in the electromagnetics field... Not forgetting lightning, which has direct impact on structures, and also indirect impact due to the strong electromagnetic fields that it induces... They need very intense electromagnetic fields to be created in order to approach the critical conditions for the equipment
  • 3 Plasma au Palais

    Free electrons and positive ions can however appear if the gas is subject to an electric field of strong intensity, to sufficiently high temperatures, to a bombardment particles or to a very intense electromagnetic field. When ionization is so important that the number of electrons per unit of volume is comparable with that of the neutral molecules, the gas becomes a plasma, which is a very conducting fluid
  • 4 The Activities of ONERA in regard to Lightning Protection

    Magnetic field mapping in the launcher area in the event of impact on one of the towers and representation of the meshing used for the simulation of electromagnetic fields and currents following a lightning strike. Share
  • 5 Onera invents instant photography of electromagnetic waves

    View of the electromagnetic field using infrared thermography... This is a technology that has matured slowly, at the rate of successive scientific breakthroughs, and whose field of application extends beyond the scope of aeronautics: characterization of innovating antennas, diagnosis of existing equipment, prevention against electromagnetic aggressions, etc